Breakfast Berry Smoothie to go…

We don’t always have time to stop and sit down to have breakfast, and whilst I would advocate that we should always make time to sit and slowly digest our meals, I appreciate that this is not always possible and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over this on the odd occasion.    There are many varieties of smoothies so having a recipe for this seems mad but here are a few suggested ingredients that you could try.   The most important things is to always remember to include some form of protein with your smoothie as you could be setting yourself up for a sugar rush with just fruit and poor blood sugar control is associated with the development of type II diabetes.   This smoothie could also be a great post workout drink too.

Ingredients options:

2 portions of your chosen fruit and that could be Strawberries, raspberries or Blueberries, banana, apple, pear or mango, you choose.  But remember a portion is what will sit on the palm of you hand, any that fall off are not allowed!!

2 scoops of protein powder if you are choosing this as an option for protein or you could have

1 tbsp of nut butter, a small pot or 4 tbsp of natural yoghurt, 250ml of milk (Could be dairy alternatives)

if not using milk then add 250ml of water.

Ice and blend in a nutribullet or other blender.

You can always add some veg to this too to start the day off with at least one of your 7-8 portions of recommended veg., and this could include spinach, kale, avocado, or cucumber