Educational Presentations

As well as one to one consultations, other services include, nutritional talks in the work place, schools, sports clubs etc.  These aim to promote the importance of nutrition and health in work, learning and  leisure.

Talk Subjects include:

‘Food For Thought’

Considers the importance of nutrition for mental health.

‘Nutrition For Sport’

This talk focuses on how each sport requires different nutrition and where nutrition is required for different aspects of sport, from physical and mental performance to endurance and strength.

‘Nutrition To Combat Stress’

With stress becoming a major factor in 21st century living, find out how food choices could help combat stress.  This is an important talk presented in many work places for both employers and staff.

‘Happy Hormones’

Balancing hormones is important for both men and women understanding how they could have an impact on energy levels, ability to manage stress and weight management.


Living with any form of pain is difficult, but diet changes may help.

The presentations generally last an hour and the cost varies so if you require further information for your workplace, sports group, school or just a group of friends then please get in touch.