I have always loved to cook, I am not a chef but loved to help my Nan in the kitchen when I was young.  She definitely taught me a lot of the basics about baking and also how to make your weekly shop go a long way, especially with how she would conjure up meals out of leftovers.   I do follow recipes if I am trying something new, especially if it is baking, as getting the ingredients and quantities right is going to be important if you want that cake to rise.  However, when it comes to cooking I love to try things out by taking an old favourite and adding a twist.


Many friends, family and clients have regularly asked me for recipes when I have served them a yummy lunch or supper but I don’t tend to write things down and chances are it won’t be the same next time round as I may not have the same things in the fridge.   Over the years working as a nutritionist I have built up a selection of recipes to help clients when they have needed help with meal plans and the focus of my recipes has been on packing an abundance of nutrients into each dish, but making them simple to include in a busy life.  As a Mum of two now strapping 20 & 22 year old boys, it was a challenge to find dishes that would satisfy their hunger but also provide the important nutrients for two very active and growing lads, when you are rushing about.

Enjoy ….