Welcome to Eat Well to Live Well

Nutritional Therapy is more than just healthy eating. Nutritional Therapy is for anyone who wants to use nutrition as their medicine. Whether they have a medical condition or illness, take part in sport and want to help improve performance or recovery to those who are well and healthy and would like to stay that way.

At Eat Well 2 Live Well a Nutritional Therapy consultation will consist of a full review of your diet, health and lifestyle past and present.  As having an understanding of what a persons body has had to experience, whether genetically, nutritionally, psychologically or physically helps to determine individual nutritional needs. The consultations apply the science of nutrition and adopt a Function Medicine approach for the promotion of health.

A personal targeted programme of diet, herbs and supplements are recommended to help support biochemistry allowing your body to achieve optimum health, as well as suggested lifestyle changes.

Functional tests, There are an increasing number of functional tests now available, including allergy testing, hormone analysis and digestive stool tests to name a few that may also be offered as these may help find out exactly how your body is functioning.